Machado is the man! (his hand)


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May 8, 2004
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He's obviously an awesome grappler but I had no idea that he has a deformed hand. That's insane. He has a deformed hand and is still a world class grappler. Props to him.
Some people even say he has better gripping than a lot of grapplers out there.
Bmonk said:
Some people even say he has better gripping than a lot of grapplers out there.

I actually heard from his acual students that he uses underhooks/overhooks to control his opponent with that arm since he has a gripping disadvantage. Infact, eddie bravo talks about it in his new book.
I rolled with a dude with the same problem. And he was a fucking beast. Dude was real good.
That's fucking awesome. I'm so impressed. That really motivates me.
I recently saw a grappling highlight showing him do a leg lock with that hand. He did it so quick, the opponent did not have time to defend and was injured.
Seems like every1 has seen his hand here. But for the rest of us is there a pic? or wat exactly is his deformity like?

His middle two fingers on his left hand are stumpy, his index and little finger are kind of gnarled.
He is a animal in grappling proops to him!
Lester McGrath said:
Was he born with the hand that way or was it an accident?

He was born with it. In one article he explains it in detail. He said that while in utero a random particle landed on his developing hand, and it never formed. If it had landed anywhere larger he wouldnt have survived.

My instructor has trained with him and he said since JJ was born with it its just as much as an advantage as a disadvantage. His grip on the gi was described as "like a pair of pliers", and since his hands are small and thin like an arrow head he can slip his hand through for chokes better than someone with a fully developed hand.

Too good!
yea i saw that on the fit tv documentary they had on him, he is quick and his training regiment is hardcore