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Oct 15, 2006
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I'd just be curious to hear some feedback from some other board members who own a Lucky. I am 6-1, 185. I normally wear A2 Korals. Because of my height and relative skinniness, I generally end up with pants that are a little too short but not so big that I can't keep them up. Generally an A2 Koral fits me like a glove. Well I bought a second run Lucky A2 (this was before there were any size charts available). Three washes in it had shrunk so much I couldn't wear it at all. It looked ridiculous. I found a real nice guy who owned a first run A3 and wanted to swap. Well I just got the A3 in the mail today and it's barely bigger, if any, than the second run A2 I originally owned. I'm not sure what to do here. Am I just not meant to own a Lucky? Were the second run Luckys cut bigger so that an A3 might fit me? There's no way I could wear an A4 as it would be huge in the waist. Anyway just wondering if anyone else has encountered the incredible shrinking $250 gi issue. would be the better place to ask, methinks.

but I can't imagine there being so little difference b/t an a2 and a3. however, if you swapped for an a3 from someone wanting an a2, he/she may have laundered the a3 such as to shrink the bejeezus out of it.

when you say an a4 would be huge in the waist, do you mean pants and jacket, or one of them alone? perhaps you need to mix and match pant/gi sizes?

wow, I almost said "good luck" and that would've just been ill-advised. I hope you get this worked out. how's that?
you can always get the A4 and have it tailored to your specs.
search function and then ask in the couple of Lucky Gi review threads.


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