Low percentage but cool moves...


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Dec 13, 2002
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We've all seen them on highlights and videos and looked at them on forums and websites. Partially inspired by the guillotine from the back thread, what low percentage moves have you seen or pulled off?

I've got a few double armbars before. I've attempted but failed the twisting cross choke where you land in N/S. I've managed to pull off headstand guard passes after much work. I've not tried cartwheel guard passes because I suck at cartwheels however have had them attempted on me and seen others I've trained with nail them. I've got a friend who likes to go for over the shoulder chicken wings. He'll set up a kimura and pass their wrist into his other hand and then lean back so he can slap on a double hand grip with both elbows digging into their shoulder, bringing their wrist up their back. He's a tall guy with good grip and long arms so he actually nails it quite a lot on newbs.
ive had some cool/rare open guard sweeps ive nailed but they are very very low percentage.
Nick Diaz has a gi cartwheel pass into a triangle (one smooth motion). I think he used it at the Nationals last year (not 100% on that, may have been PanAms this year).
Twister, I usually get it by doing half guard, scooting out the back and keeping the leg, they'll usually try head and arm control from there.
Nothing real big. I have tapped people out with one-armed kimuras and RNCs before.
Im not sure what its called. But when someone is in your closed guard and you put your arm behind the guys head and try to yank his head off his body. It seems to only work against first and second timers
mid air anaconda choke from the sprawl, i dunno if you call that low percentage but the guy flipped and a landed with the choke for the tap :)
The "carousel" mount escape. So damn cool and so easy to pull off. But so damn hard to get your leg up there!
rolling calf slicer. more of luck than anything. went for a rolling kneebar and just ended up in the right position.
I've managed to get rolling knee bar from clinch, walkover half boston from guard, side crucifix neck crank, double arm bars, the twisting cross choke is actually one of my high percentage moves, exorcist neck crank cartwheel guard pass and the Bas Rutten neck crank.
once i got a double armbar in competition... in training fancy techniques do work depens on the opponent though.
My cartwheels suck but I've passed a few peoples guards with them. As for subs that I've caught, I've tried that somesault gi choke where you pass your jacket around your opponent whilst having knee on belly/side control & flip forward. It worked once but I hurt my head :redface: .
Guillotine to Choke with Gi sleeve from behind...
"flying" or "Rolling" Omoplata to escape a single leg takedown. THere's a GIF of Gil Castillo pulling it off in MMA, but I can't find it.
Not much really on anyone thats particularly good. In the last few weeks vs some noobs i've hopped a butterfly guard straight into a mounted triangle, countered a de la riva guard with a rolling calf crank and got a no arm triangle on a guy who was trying use a double underhook pass.

One thing i have got to work with some regularity, although it might be considered low %, is while trying to pass the guard from standing, is to criss cross my hands while gripping low on their pants, rolling to side and taking their back.
Bama Zulu said:
The "carousel" mount escape. So damn cool and so easy to pull off. But so damn hard to get your leg up there!
Not flexible enough? Lucky when I was a kid that I used to put my legs behind my head and make a basket shape with my arms (things kids do... haha)

I can't get both of my legs behind my head, can still get one if I try really hard... but that carousel mount escape is no problem for me :D
With the carousel mount escape, I generally try to bump them forward so they place both hands on the mat before hooking my leg in against their waist/abs or wait for them to sit up and give me space to bring my leg round. I still use it all the time and just look for different set ups for it now. There's a variation of it from half guard I've been working on so you can get a knee ripper using it, hopefully get some pictures this Saturday of that.