losing is part of the evolution of a fighter ... Gsp, Velasquez etc


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Jun 13, 2007
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Nowadays the UFC fighters compete against the best competition available and they need their game to be almost perfect every fight night , but they are also human beings with feelings emotions and everything that comes with it plus everybody is different. They learn and progress everytime they step in the octagon and their ability to please the fans grows as fast as the expectation we have towards them , but they all do it differently .

I think evereybody will agree that in life you sometimes have to lose in order to learn something that will later on be a part of your future sucess . I also believe that we should measure the talent of a fighter fo his ability to face defeat as much as when he wins , if it happens of course (AS,JBJ). The reasons why he loses are not really important to me , all that matters is can he come back a better fighter.

Great fighters lose once in a while , so do great other athletes..

JDS biggest test is now in front of him , he will now have to decide the way he wants to be remembered when people look at his fighting carreer in 20 years . It's all a matter of choice and mental strenght !!

opinions ??
"You got to lose to know how to win"
It's Sherdog. Once you lose you go from being the future GOAT to an overrated can, who was "exposed" for being all "hype."
It depends on the fighter, some fighters get affected negatively some fighters get affected positively. In the case of GSP and Cain, their losses helped them improve.
But it's better to never lose, like Mayweather.

Pacquiao is still rated higher by many in accomplishments. Most of the greats in Boxing history have losses, the overall record is looked at.
But it's better to never lose, like Mayweather.

Mayweather is not going down as even top 10 pound for pound all time. He can bark all he wants about his unbeaten record until he is dead, the man never fought the best or took risks.. I am supposed to respect a guy that waited Manny Pacquio out for 5 years until he finally lost so he could then say "I don't have to fight him"

No sir..