Looking to roll/spar in Miami?


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Jan 16, 2007
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Apologies for the long post.

We are looking for anyone that wants to train no-gi in the Miami/Doral area, Florida for free. Two of us have each 1 yr of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training. For about a year now we've had mats here in a warehouse attached to our office. It's myself, 5-9, 185, my boss 5'8, 240 and another co-worker who only knows what we've taught him. He has a very low base and heavy about 5'6 @ 280. We're grown men with no egos or attitudes or anything to prove just really enjoy learning and sparring. We have pairs of headgear w/face cage, hybrid gloves, heavy gloves, , shin/instep guards and a bob with the large matted area. I have some kenpo striking experience (3 yrs.) and my boss has a wee bit of a wrestling background along with the jiu-jitsu we both know. We obviously don't go all out since we don't have a coach. We watch all submissions very carefully, especially armbars and leg/ankle work. My boss is very strong and has a great single leg and I'm at about a jj blue belt level now. If anyone wants to train, teach, learn please let me know. We know enough to not spaz out, we measure our movements carefully and we don't swing wildy when striking. I must say though, we just got the headgear with face cage and jiu-jitsu is a whole other animal trying to sink a sub on a sweaty individual that is trying to elbow you in the head. I was surprised how well the headgear protects though, I didn't even have a headache. Please let me know, we've met so many people that supposedly have trained wrestling, judo, striking and say they want to train then never show up. We also have weights here and if you roll with us you can also use the smith machine, assorted free weights and the multi-grip chin-up/dip bars. We usually train on tue. and thurs.

c'mon don't make me put up $10 for a challenge match! :icon_chee but seriously anyone can swing by today to at least check out the spot.