Looking to do short interview w pro/amateur fighter asap


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Jan 10, 2008
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I'm currently writing a very important paper for a project im doing at my high school. I chose to do mine on what the physical and pyschological factors are in a professional fighters career.

Long story short, I need two interviews for my paper and I only have one at the moment. Instead of making one up, I thought I'd take my chances and ask someone here if they would be interested in allowing me to interview them. Questions like: How you got into the sport, mental/phsyical preperation, etc.

I realize this is incredibly short notice, but I'd be quite greatful for a moment of your time. Doesn't matter if you're an amateur fighter or a professional, I'm just looking for someone who has a decent amount of fighting experience. Looking to do this asap over pm/email/instant messaging. :D
I'm only an amateur. But if you're desperate you can PM me. I don't know how urgent your paper is, as I've got 6 hours of training and 8 hours of college spread over the next 2 days. But if you don't mind me taking potentially alittle time to answer back then, shoot.
try the ask the fighters forum.

you can pm me with questions and i'll get back to you.