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Looking for videos on Hip movement


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May 8, 2003
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I have a cousion who is starting BJJ but isnt getting the understanding of hip movement to well.He says his Coach as showed him but he is new and having a hard time getting it.He lives out kinda far away so I can't get with him and train,So im trying to find some videos for him to watch.I found this on youtube.

YouTube - Proper hip movement in BJJ

Im wondering if anybody has any thing else I could send him. Thanks.
it's all in the hips... it's all in the hips.... Just easin the tension baby, just easin the tension
Video about hip movement from a judo seminar of Patrick Roux, former european judo champion

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YouTube - JUDO Mobilit
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hip movement display
Stephan Kestings "Grappling Drills" dvd is good for that kind of stuff.
Hip movement??? I think I can help: