Looking for opinions on these shin guards

Max Shane

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Nov 11, 2005
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There are alot of shin guards at that site so I don't know which one to go with, but these were pretty cheap and look the same as the others just with a different brand so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these. I'm training in MMA and my main concern is that they don't slip and become a nuisance. If these shin guards aren't that great point me in the direction of what I should be going for.
I haven't tried those out, but I did a review (with pics) of a different set from CSI. Look for that thread.
Whatever you get at CSI is going to be good. Make sure you get in touch with Joe who posts here. He'll take care of you.

P.S.- Mr. Bungle kicks ass! "Girls of Porn" is one of my favorite songs!
I can't think of too many products (at least not CSI) that are under $30 like your looking at. I have not heard anything about those models but I know that the CSI models are very nice.
I had a pair, they lasted maybe 2 months before the elastic straps that go under the feet ripped ON BOTH. Aside from that, they don't stay in place well and have a huge gap between the instep and shin. Most Top Contender stuff I've used is fine, but these suck. THey're really hard and heavy as well. More of a trainers pad than a sparring pad if you know what I mean.
For MMA, I'd say get the CSI pads that slip on like a giant sock. A little more $$, but you get what you pay for(sometimes less).
How long have you had your's Kyle? Cool avatar btw.