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Looking for heavy bag stand in Vancouver


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Dec 24, 2012
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I used to have a Cornerman stand that worked great with my 100lb bag. However, I'm moving to a smaller place now and need something more compact.

I looked into the "Century MMA Training Station" but it's $250, too expensive for me.

Can anyone make a recommendation for an inexpensive, compact stand that takes a 100lb bag, and/or have a stand that you are not using that you are willing to part with for a reasonable price?
i remember someone on the forums made their own stand. it looked nice. think it was motorboatjones. maybe if you sak him nicely he'll tell you what you need to make one yourself. hes made a lot of nice looking stuff
I have my 80+ pound thai bag on one of those Everlast stands and it works great. You can score them for pretty cheap on Craigslist. I got mine brand new for less than $100 at Sports Authority.

Watch the Bellingham craigslist too. Quick trip across the border might save you some cash.

Or have it shipped to a local store for (what I believe is) free.