Looking for a new gi.


Nov 12, 2006
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I am looking for a new gi. Something cheap that is decent to roll with. Does anyone have experience with the atama summer kimono? I like the price, $87, and it would be perfect for the hot summer. Do you guys recommend any other gi or is this a solid gi?
www.cagesidemma.com gameness gi for 72 bucks. cant beat that and cant really beat a gameness for that price atleast gameness is a very good and reliable gi that is very light and wont suffocate you in the summer
I bought a Gameness Platinum through Cageside and i'm very happy with it, nice gi. Excellent service through Boomer. If the Gameness single is made like their platinum I reckon thats the way to go.
his words were i need a gi that is cheap and decent to roll in. so that gameness would be the best bet
Padilla & Sons...Joe makes the best and best priced Kimonos.....$90usd for a Gold Weave that can't be beat!!!!

Groundandpound.com has the pearl for 89.

I ordered the ATAMA summer weave once. When I got it - I knew it'd be thin, but it was about as thin as a Tokaido karate uniform I had.

I figured if I'm gonna put 90 bux into it, what's another 50 and I got the gold weave instead.

If you're gonna go like 2 nights a week and then hang it up after the summer, maybe. But I felt like it would rip pretty easily from regular training.

That being said, some guys I know love them and will train through the rips and tears, while others just keep 1 in the closet for those days that are especially hot.

Your call mate.
I just got my Padilla kimono. customer service was great and Joe actually gave me good advice on everything I asked him. I think they make a single weave that is like 72 bucks. I definitely recomend checking them out.