Lol Calm Down Vitor.


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Sep 22, 2012
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You had your chances, now its time to earn it. If Chael loses then its on! Congrats on the win.:p
there's like 7 people who deserve a shot more than Vitor.

Vitor didn't even deserve the shot the first time, then he got stopped, and now he wants an insta-rematch? So weird.
True, he hasn't exactly done anything to earn a shot at the 205 pound title. But he has certainly done more than "that clown", considering he has at least held a belt and can finish somebody. Although he's a very good fighter, Sonnen lays on people and has lost 1/3 of his fights against competition far inferior to the guys Vitor has lost to.

Not even a Vitor fan, but the only reason Sonnen is getting that reality show and a shot at the 205 pound title is because he's a clown.
Smh @ Vitor thinking beating Mikey overshadows the shellacing he took from Bones.
funny thing is that chael actually likes vitor. Vitor might be confused about Chael's character, but then again a lot of people are.
vitor is cray cray...that being said, he's not going to get a rematch with jones anytime soon
Lol @ people talking about "deserving" shots.

Needs more shouting and he's a sure thing.
lol knicks 4 life

pls go, your last championship was 30+ years ago, and you won't win another one any time soon.

why earn a title shot when it's quicker to talk your way into one...?