Little tidbits of info I have gathered so far. Hope this helps you out.

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This forum has helped me quite a bit, and I would like to put alot of things I have learned into a nutshell for everyone to look over, and hopefully help them improve their game, no matter what it is. (I'm going to include stand-up, because I enjoy mma, and more people go to the grappling forum. We need an MMA TECHNIQUE forum!) If anyone disagrees with me, please let me know, for I am still learning, and only wish to share with you things that have helped me. So don't take this as "The Word" but just as a guy trying to give back.

On grappling a taller guy-

Takedowns-When your standing up and trying to take him down, an important thing to remember is that his center of gravity is higher that yours. As long as your center of gravity is under his, you have the power to lift him, but only if you are close! This is important. Taller people may not let you in, and you have to be prepared for that. While clinch techniques will work, like trips and such, other moves like throws and sweeps can be a problem, simply because he can base farther than you can take him. There is a guy I train with that is 3-4 inches taller than me, and he used to wrestle, and throwing him is quite the hastle. Also, there is more of him to lift if you were to pick him up, which is the case for me. One bad thing about being taller is that your arms are longer, and are more difficult to squeeze into tiny places. Pummeling is the short grapplers golden move. Once inside of a taller opponent, make sure to make him stand as straight as possible. If he is at an angle away from you of with his hips out, he can come back in with a judo throw, or sweep using his long legs. Also, getting the clinch can be a problem, so I will try to explain one of my ways to get the clinch rather easily. You need to come close to him, and he will put his hands up, usually on your shoulders, to stop you. From there, take your right hand, and cup his left wrist on the outside. Yank his hand off your shoulder, and push it down, and outside to your right, in a half circle motion, like you were getting kimurad. Once his hand is past your hip, step with your right leg as deep to the outside of his left foot as you can, and try to put your right hip as close as you can to his left hip. While doing this, pummel your right hand, continueing the kimurad motion, into an underhook on his left side. Once here, it is much easier to work for a body lock. The easiest takedown from here is to body lock, pull him in while being weary of him sweeping you over his left leg, so you need your weight back, then sweep his left foot with your right foot, and turn to your right. This should make him lose balance enough for him to fall. Shooting also works well, because there is more of him that needs to sprawl, but I don't like shooting, so I won't even go into it, I wouldn't be very helpful.
On grappling a taller guy-

The Guard Game-His long legs have pros and cons. The pros are that he can keep you at bay, as well as make you need to pass more of him to actually get control. Nothing annoys me more than a tall guy with a good guard game. The cons are that once you are inside on him, his legs are not as mobile, and it makes it harder for him to move. Now, I want to go over what is difficult to do on a taller guy. It is difficult to hold his legs down, and move around him, because when he lifts his knees, there is no place to put your knee in to stop him from shrimping. It is very difficult to run around him, as well as jump over him. I never try to play an outside game with a taller guy, because his legs will beat my speed all the time. My best bet is to put one knee in between his legs, and to bring my hips in, lefting his feet in the air. I dont want to give him anything to push on. Not my shoulders, or my hips, or my knees. He cant push up on anything, because my hips are lifting up his legs. From here, you should look for the easiest way to pass, which for me, is to not even deal with his legs or play any kind of game. What I want to do is push his left foot foward and to his right, with my right hand. In a perfect world, he would simply roll over like he was taking a nap, but this is not a perfect world. While pushing his legs, the only way he can regain his position is to shrimp. What I do is keep pressure driving into his side with my hips, and I continue to push his left leg to his right side. The more he shrimps, the deeper and deeper your hips get on his thigh, until it looks like you are doing an "ass to the grass" squat next to him, while your hips are pushing foward on his leg. Once you feel the opening, come down to his side and get side control. This is my favorite pass, because it is more of a way to not let him do something rather than out techniqueing him. It works because it works, not because your technique is better. I don't like to pass down close near his legs on a taller guy, too dangerous for my taste. I like to stand for all my passes. That specific pass works on everyone, but on taller guys it works even better. When it comes to having him in your guard, those long limbs mean there is all the more there for you to attack. I like to work a closed guard on taller guys or bigger guys, because an open guard on a taller guy is asking for trouble for me. He will stand up and use his long limbs to hold you down while he moves. When you have a closed guard on a taller guy, he cant really go anywhere, and you can choose your attacks carefully. When attacking a taller guy in your guard, you have to break his posture. Simply bring your hands on wherever his elbows are and pulling is the norm for me. I like to have their head on my chest, and my arm over their head and grabbing their far lat, or just controlling the head. From here, while controlling his head with one arm, use the other hand to move around his other hand on the same side. So your left arm is free, you attack his right arm, and vise versa. When moving his arm around, look to move his hand into a kimura grip, and slip your arm off his head to his arm to get a kimura. Look to reach over his elbow on the outside, and pivot your hips to go for an armbar, keeping his head down with the other hand to keep him where he is. All the normal stuff you would do from guard.

I will post many more things, but I'm kinda tired right now (3:52 am over here). Please let me know if I have helped you in any way, or you would like to ask a question, I would be glad to try and help.