Lil Bam Bam 6 yr old on mitts

Jesus Christ. Look at his footwork, this kid is gonna be the next Mayweather. Bam Bam, remember that.
WOW. He's so freakin' fast, and has all the pad work down pat. That's insane...
Thats amazing. Be intrested to see this kid in 8-10 years. Lets hope he can grow up without problems and not in a spot light where he thinks he can do whatever he wants because hes talented.
Could be great, could suck.

For all we know the kid will have a glass chin
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i feel bad for these kids. i dunno what it is but they always seem to have stunted growth
Dad, can I have an ice cream? Not now son. BAM triple jab to the nuts. Now can I have an ice cream dad?
I see MMA paying more than boxing but the time he grows up.

That's an interesting thought, but there's a BIG gap to close when you compare what De La Hoya made in the Mayweather fight to ANY MMA fighter that headlined ANY event. I'm pretty sure no MMA headliner has even hit a million yet.
this kid is insane, i suddenly feel my training is useless.