Lifting during the grappling season

Jimmy Cerra

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Oct 17, 2005
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Lately I noticed that although my technique has improved a lot, I am starting to get overpowered. What kind of lifting program is good for grappling, especially when you are still training? Like what kind of exercises, how you do them, etcetera?

I used to lift weights three days a week, but since I started learning to grapple six months there hasn't been enough time (I train every day). As a result, I virtually quit lifting. But I don't think I was doing the best exercises anyway. I still drill a lot on my own, though.

When I used to lift weights and do some sport at the same time, I would get really really sore. How do you prevent that?

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It's kind of hard to fit lifting in around a heavy grappling schedule. When I train more than 5 times a week, I keep it to two full body days and try to keep leave at least twelve hours between lifting and grappling, so if I train at night, I like to get my lifting done early in the morning, and vice versa. I also find I do better if I have at least one day every week when I do absolutely nothing. Most weeks I'm lucky if I train four times, so I lift three days a week.

For a basic template, check out this article:
A couple of things worth mentioning: the program presumes a great deal of roadwork, and thus there is only one lower body day per week. Also, if you are doing deadlifts as your max effort lower body lift, I would do singles instead of the recommended 3-5 reps. If you want to do sets of 3-5, make sure to reset after each rep, as most people's form tends to get progressively worse with each rep.