Lean Cuisine


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Jul 27, 2005
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How do these meals rate out nutrionally. I am talking about the ones with chicken and vegetables. Sometimes I am extremely strapped for time and can't cook a whole meal.
I can imagine the sodium levels are insane!
If I were you, and you wanted something quick that you could just throw in the microwave, I'd spend one night on the weekend and make individual meals yourself and put them in foodsaver bags or something and then maybe the freezer, although if you do use a foodsaver, you could probably get away with leaving them in the fridge through the week. It may take up more time, but you'd avoid all of the preservatives.
Lean Cuisine is fine for a small meal. I wouldn't eat more than 1-2 per day.
Maybe I'm kind of biased because my dad got to be so out of shape to the point that he got sick. Anyway, he would get those Lean Cuisine meals and eat like 3 or 4 at a time. It was just kind of gross, I guess.
I eat them and Michelina's lean gourmet. The Michelina's have less calories and are only .88/each. I eat them for lunch at work. I usually bring some kind of fruit or veggy to eat with it.
packaged meals are never as good as the real shit...preservatives are shit
Some actually taste good, the spa LC's are good but it is not alot of food. It would take 3-4 of them to satisfy a normal person...