Lazy armbar from guard?

Big Red

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May 19, 2005
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This has never been corrected upon but I just wondered about peoples views on a slightly, less attractive looking armbar from guard as oppose to the more traditional technique.[1].html

I never seem to be as successful with that ^^^ technique, I do this & just wondered whether this is a habit I should break.

With opponent in your guard, take their left arm with your left (grabbing at tricep). Now, rather than push away from their hip, just throw your right leg over next to your left leg & face your body to the of them. You obtain the arm bar position, but 9/10 it leaves you face down while your opponent is clasping their arm. The position is like the way Sakaruba obtained just before he finished Randleman. Now I can usually end the grapple by pressing my hips on their elbow joint down on the mat if they are in the right position, however if they aren't, I can roll my head back under to get better finish.

I just wondered if this is a bad, lazy or risky technique. The only thing, if I'm not careful, is if more experienced guys predict my move & pull their arm out as I turn, here they can easily get my back.

Thanks. I'm well picky about this move as its my favourite, I'm happy I can finish like this, but it doesn't look as beautiful as it should.
There are numerous ways of getting to the armbar from the guard, your way is as ligitimate as the one shown. Just remember that it works best the deeper you can get your hips in the armpit, and the advantage to the version shown in the link is that it helps you get the armbar deep.
I like to catch people by suprise with this move. This armbar is tough to finish if the person is good with the escapes. I've lost position many times going for this move.

My favorite is when they 'pancake' flat on their face because they were imbalanced.

I would not call it a lazy armbar, because it requires very good technique to pull off