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    Anyone here familiar with the supplement L-Tyrosine... is the Tyrosine shown present in a tub of O.N Whey protein.. listed as 703 milligrams per serving the same thing? Or is the nature of its state, absorption etc different. Reason i ask is because ive used the stand alone supplement L-Tyrosine before and it reacted real bad with the medication i take for narcolepsy. Been holding off on using Whey Protein PWO and in morning oats and sticking to whole foods which isn't too bad in itself. Just weary of potential interactions. If anyone can shed some light on the issue it would be much appreciated.
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    Jakob it's one of the Essential Amino Acids naturally present in Whey. You can't get around it. Perhaps because it's blended all the Amino acids it should not affect you as if just taking Tyrosine supplement alone. I'm sure Tyrosine is found in regular food and I'm pretty sure you have eaten protein on your meds. Only way to know is to try!

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