Kyra Gracie v Laurence Cousin Mundials 2008 absolute


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Nov 18, 2007
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there just isn't girls who are as dominating as Kyra is.
Kyra's whole life is spent training BJJ, and she had the whole Gracie family environment to begin with. On the other hand, Laurence Cousin has a day job as a police officer and no big sponsors to help her train.

Not to take anything away from Kyra, but considering the circumstances I think Laurence did pretty well.
thanks grap, putting some good vids up

I got to see this live and she's amazing, she's really something else otm
Those ultimate surrender girls have 0 technique they would get eaten at my gym.
dubs, no ban. his heart was in the right place.
for fyi, the site that got the poster banned has a mma fighter with a 1-3 record on it.
Is there another link to the video? I can't find it on youtube by searching.