Kyokushin sparring question and body shots

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Janilane, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Janilane Guest

    I was just kinda wondering, has anyone spit blood before due to the punches to the body? I mean, sparring consisted of punching to the body with power, so the after effect naturally would be semi-crushed heart, broken ribs or injured veins which will result in the student spitting blood, right? Unless the body shots are moderate to low impact.
  2. The_Crow Black Belt

    Jul 3, 2004
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    WTF ?

    you can spit blood if you bite your tongue, your teeth get jacked or get a split lip or a bloody nose and it runs down the back of your throat.

    You might piss some blood if you get hit in the kidneys.

    a "semi crushed heart" is probably likely to stop your heart beating and requires an insane ammount of force. It has been documented that a blow to the chest can interupt the beating of a heart but i doubt you could crush it.
    Broken ribs dont make you spit blood, I know because ive had them.
    Injured veins result in very bad bruising and in some cases internal bleeding but you wont spit blood.

    To spit blood it has to make its way into your mouth or stomache somehow, to cough up blood it generally needs to get into your lungs or your lungs need to be injured.

    Honestly what you posted sounds like a work of pure comic book fantasy.

    Sparring in Kyokushin means a lot of bruises, occasional cracked bones if your unlucky and very occasionally someone gets concussed. And remember sparring is usually 40-60% power, in Kyokushin the next step up is "hard sparring" which is at about 80% power.
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  3. Heelhooker Brown Belt

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    I wouldn't know where to start but....

    1) How much blood?
    2) Was padding used?
    3) Absolute certainty that the discharge came internally and not from the head-mouth-nose?
    4) Any moderate to severe pain from any major organ area?
    5) WTF is a semi crushed heart?

    Kyokushin, MT, doesn't matter what discipline is involved. Internal bleeding should be considered an emergency and immediate help sought.
  4. shinkyoku Brown Belt

    Jun 21, 2008
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    Im not sure where kyokushin comes into the question, but...
    Ive had a lot of injuries in kyokushin sparring (full contact, bareknuckle, no protection).
    Ive have had ribs broken from punches on several occasions, Ive have experienced liver shots and unfortunately I have experienced kidney shots. Ive been knocked down&out and I have broken bones. Basically I have had the crap pounded out of me on a regular basis.
    But spitting blood from body punches? no (from kicks and knees to the head a few times, but not from strikes to the body) . Semi crushed heart? no (whatever that is).
  5. Billy no mates The Pub bore .

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    Jolly Olde England
    Ive been involved in Kyokushinkai a long time and have never encountered anyone that suffered anything approaching a 'semi-crushed heart'....
    Moderate to severe bruising is fairly common and cracked or even broken ribs are not unheard of consequences of hard sparring,blood from internal injuries making its way into your respiratory tract are definetly NOT .
  6. Janilane Guest

    Thanks for all your responses. That clarifies things for me. I will be joining a KK school shortly to complement my BJJ.

    By 'crushed heart' what I mean was severely punched chest where the heart arteries have been damaged by the impact. Sorry if you took my question literally, word for word. Next time I should explain in layman's term to simplify.

    So broken bones, ribs, and severe bruising should be expected. Alright then.
  7. Daido_Juku Purple Belt

    Aug 28, 2008
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    Land of the Rising Sun
    you might spit if you have received a jodan mawashi geri in your teeth without moutpiece * just kidding

    KK guys guys are second to none when it comes to condititioning.

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