Kyokushin or Muay Thai Colorado springs?


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May 8, 2003
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Im moving to colorado springs area and would like to find first a kyokushin school. I found info of one but I think they might of closed down as I cant contact the people.Muay Thai would be cool I just cant find any info either.
Are you asking WHAT SHOULD I DO?. Depends what you are into. Muay Thai is more complete. However Kyokushin is known for developing people into mentally and physically tough fighters. Muay Thai is usually applied with a more scientific approach, Kyokushin from my own experience is harder due to the nature of the training and the amount of full contact sparring, beware if you aren't use to martial arts Kyokushin will be a real shock.... Full contact sparring will take a bit of getting use to. Muay Thai turns you into a more complete fighter, and is much easier to adapt to the ring and fighting various other styles. Kyokushin can be sucessful in the ring if you are willing to cross train later with boxing, muay thai, kickboxing etc. Go along and see what you like best, pick that one... simple.
I think stinkoman is looking for a school first. If you know of a Kyokushin school, recommend that first. If not, recommend a Muay Thai school.
Im familliar with both styles and did muay thai for a short time Just cant find any schools in the area.I should have worded it better.