Kyle Noke


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Aug 6, 2008
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Anyone expect to see Kyle have success at ww? Perhaps break into the top 10? I know he had to pull out of the Seth Baczynski fight, but who is likely to be his next opponent? Id liek to see him tested against someone like Alves when both are healed.
no because he was on tuf and everyone knows tuf sucks and doesn't produce legitimate contenders.
I think he'll be a pretty good WW. Don't think he'll be top 10, maybe not even top 15 as WW is so deep, but I think he'd beat a lot of guys.
If he were a bit younger I think he would have a good chance of climbing the ranks. However he is 32 and has been wrestle fucked before and that will probably be his ultimate downfall. At least at WW he will have a size advantage over lots of guys so he might be able to stuff the takedowns of non-top 15 guys and KO them. I think he will struggle against big/technical wrestlers. Hope he does well and would be awesome if he proves to have amazing TDD at WW