Kurt Angle is coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    WrestleCentre returns to Halifax Nova Scotia at the Halifax Forum MPC on Saturday April 9th.

    Kurt Angle will be making a very rare appearance for WrestleCentre at this event.

    Also appearing will be all of the WrestleCentre Superstars such as the IFWA Heavyweight Champion JP Simms, Tommy Starr, Mr Energy Julien Young, Tommy Starr, Matt Bullen, Chip Chambers, Richard Shinary, IHWC Champion Nick Diggz and many, many more!

    Tickets are currently on sale via Etixnow at https://halifaxforum.etixnow.com

    VIP tickets are $40 (taxes and service charges included)

    Regular tickets are $25 (taxes and service charges included)


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