Krugans t-shirts, shorts, etc...?


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Apr 17, 2005
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I stumbled across this site while shopping for a gi :

Towards the bottom of the page, it shows t-shirts, fight shorts, and other cool stuff with the Krugans logos on them. Even gear bags. I've never seen these items anywhere else before. Are they available only in Japan, and/or are they "bootleg" items?

Can I find any of this stuff somewere else that has a website in English? I'm especially interested in the Krugan's t-shirts.
No, those are all Brasilian items. I have seen most of them at one of the Krugans stores in Rio. I would order directly from Brasil though. Try the guys at Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear or Rio Fightwear. Both of them have earned my blessing time and again.
If you don't speak Port then use a translator. At least look at the site for pics of what they have. You can probably order from them directly also.