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Kron Gracie vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri (Gracie Breakdown)

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by SBJ, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. SBJ Purple Belt

    Feb 23, 2011
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  2. Foxflechette57 Green Belt

    Feb 22, 2016
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    His guard is insane. He just tooled kawajiri
    Happy new year
  3. yetanother Black Belt

    Jan 8, 2014
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    Rizin should have Kron fight Gabi under grappling rules.
    Would be hilarious.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  4. IndyCovaHart Steel Belt

    Aug 11, 2003
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    Kawajiri probably wanted to fly back to the United States after that.
  5. BJJ_Rage Gold Belt

    Apr 9, 2007
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    short MKT video... Was expecting a better breakdown
  6. ultimateriley-o Lego Maniac

    Mar 14, 2007
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    transcending a mere multiverse
    How's that a breakdown at all ? It's a Gracie Commentary of highlights followed by a commercial for Gracie University.
  7. DanTheWolfman.com Banned Banned

    Jan 6, 2002
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    LA, CA
    Well, that was good footage to rewatch but basic.
    I did a more detailed compilation of the unusual techniques, opportunities, and possibilities for those that want to learn.

    I wish people would just appreciate some insights from a life time of training.

    I get rude hate for no reason other than people dont see the things I see, or think they can't work. Maybe it is because their level is either low, or they are pretty close minded and not that well rounded in martial arts, or do not keep good focus on MMA/Street. Or maybe, most can not understand and be happy for someone that does not work traditional jobs, but rather likes to see different countries, fight pro, do pro-wrestling, commentate mma, work in movies/tv etc as I have as an Actor/Stuntman....well, to do those things like I have you have to market yourself. People should want others to succeed. I like to share techniques.

    After I made it just watched this, and well, they did not even mention the reason for his arm going down to two guard jumps, and the other that got him to submission possibility position to the arm in the SIDE GUARD JUMP.

    I know you all for some reason like to hate, but maybe should just learn. If you did not see the possibilities or know them, if your mind watching was not instantly screaming to attempt these techniques, then my vid has a purpose. And lots of people enjoy my vids.

    This vid should be watched on computer so you can read the annotations.

    I did this video out of Inspiration from Kron's great fight, and little things and positions that were going on that all seemed to miss. This vid I hope is really taken as Respectful of Kron and Scrap Pack, but a learning tool for others because of the unusual opportunities. P.S. Whom watched Pancrase 271,273,275, and 276 on Fight Pass and think Stewart Fulton and myself would make a better commentating team for Rizin (though I am sure Stewart would need to be there w blessings as a Pancrase rep similar to Rin). Actually listen and watch, instead of being a net hater...

    No one seemed to notice the grappling move, that got Mickey Gall the knockdown so he could follow finish the fight either.................................

    AMAZING performance from Kron, especially in his fourth fight against another top vet in Kawajiri with WAY more fight experience. Now, the original footage in the beginning of this vid is on kicks and stomp defense when down I filmed years ago. Kron did it twice, lacing the leg almost to the knee compression/slicer position, and then coming up to he back. WATCH THE FIGHT again and pay attention. This vid is made out of major HESPECT. Again, as good as a performance in a real fight against a more experience top guy one could have. You can see pics of me training with various Gracies over the years, except for Rickson, whom that pic is from after Kron's win or Yamamoto, and was the 2nd time I talked to Rickson! (I asked a question to Kron at the press after the fight, which Kron did not like, but Rickson realized I was setting up a $ rematch for Kron vs Aoki in MMA down the line, which maybe Kron would be ready for next New Years Event! ). On the Real, I am a huge fan of the Diaz Brothers and Scrap Pack.

    Now, a fight is a fight, but I am doing this as a tool for others to learn. I was the Color Commentator for the first five Pancrase Events that were live on UFC Fight Pass. Now, I am a pretty good grappler, but not proved to be a Kron Gracie. However today is EXACTLY my 20th Year Anniversary of training Gracie Jiu-jitsu/BJJ, MMA, and Catch. 31 years of Martial Arts. I did win 3 first round NHB/Vale Tudo/Pre MMA fights by first round submission. I lost two fights to top #1 Ranked guys that fought for the UFC LHW Title! 3 of those fights allowed kicks and/or knees to head on ground.

    I say that, so you might understand that I notice quick windows of opportunities from unusual positions/spatial relationships that others do not see.

    So I put this out there as a learning tool for positions that were in this fight. If you care about being a better grappler, martial artist, MMA Fighter, or knowledgeable fan, watch my vid all the way through then go back and watch the fight again.

    1st-you will see how to defend flying stomps. Kron did this twice. Then you will see how to follow that up into the knee compression/slicer position....which he attempted but came up to the back. Obviously, the 2nd time he defended a flying stomp this way, and came up, the leg slipped out, he took the back and finished the fight.

    2nd-Twice Kron jumped Guard with his arm looking for an underhook on the leg. That is because if you jump guard like this, and get the hook, you can go into arm bar or flower sweep combinations. So, I show a Japanese fighter hitting that in training a few times, to see how to better do the jumping guard Flower sweep attempt.

    3rd- You will see the Standing Elbow Crank, something that Kron could have attempted a few times when Kawajiri had his underhook in a certain position. Mickey Gall recently got his Knockdown from elbow crank punch combo, straight to his RNC finish of Sage Northcutt.

    4th-When Kron did a JUMPING SIDE GUARD, there were multiple times he could have gotten the elbow crank there, before having to attempt for the armbar towards the end of the first round.

    P.S. Kron also did some beautiful Inside Knee Destruction Checks vs Inside Kicks in the beginning of the fight....something I have pushed out there for years since Aug 2012, and to the Diaz camp when Nate was about to fight for the title vs Benson.

    I hope the dedicated will enjoy re-watching the fight, and seeing where these opportunities presented themselves since they are fairly uncommon. Again this vid is done with all Hespect to Kron and his amazing performance. Plz Sub, thanks

    And since Kron did kidney kicks, thought I would remind you all of new ABC MMA rules most U.S. States will be using from now on
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