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Oct 15, 2007
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I've been told that kre-alkalyn although more expensive works better than creatine monohydrate and it doesn't add unnecessary water weight. Is there any truth to this?
I considered alternatives to mono in the past, but thanks to the feedback given I decided to stick to mono. Besides, the science is strong with mono.
when i took mono i got cramps and my muscles were bloated. when i took cee or kre-alkalyn i didn't experience either. cee is my favorite
if you read the label on your kre-alkalyn it should say "5gs creatine monohydrate".
the active ingredients are the same, the difference is the what else is in it.
the way your body reacts to creatine is different depending on who you are.
i took creatine monohydrate and got stomach cramps and my brother took it and he was fine.
i am now taking kre-alkalyn and i have had no problems.
another difference is creatine monohydrate can be come creatinine (i dont know if that is how it is , but that is poisonous to your body (when i find the link to this info. i will post it)