knees_n_elbows UFC on FX 7 Belfort vs Bisping printable pool sheet!!!


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Feb 23, 2007
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enjoy the fights!

im now hosting the file directly through my blog page so no PM with your email is required to get a hold of the file. when you print the full doc the fighter stats and names are more legible and its not blurry. just head on over to my blog at the link below and its all yours. sending out multiple emails had started to become a pain in the ass, also now if you want a game board and its really last minute you dont have to worry about hoping that i respond to your request.

i make these for pretty much every UFC PPV and most other major MMA cards/PPVs. so if you enjoy using it make sure to look for the next one i post. positive feedback is always appreciated.

Click this Link to Download the UFC on FX 7 Belfort vs Bisping Printable Pool Sheet

...and feedback like yours in this thread is why i continue to post them. thanks.
Thanks for putting these together. I will print them out and take them either to a house viewing or the bar. It's great to get the girlfriends / wives interested, and always hysterical to see one of them (or a complete newbie to the sport) cheering for a 2nd round knockout to get points. If we go out to like a Tilted Kilt or BDubs, it's a way to get the cute waitresses to stop by your table more often and try to play with you. Usually bet them shots or their number. Worked more often than not.

Only thing we do differently is points regardless if your fighter wins, so if you choose fighter A 2nd round sub, and fighter A gets 2nd round subbed, you'd still get 4 points. We also give out a bonus point (so 10 total) if you pick the fighter/method/round correctly.