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Apr 2, 2007
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i am looking for a very good Knee protection, especially for Gi rolling!

We've add 2 classes bjj in a new gym.... the new gym have crazy thin mats, its really hard to roll without "pain".

So i thought, i order these :

Asics Super Sleeve Wrestling Knee Pads


So now i am looking for a shop that delivers the stuff to europe, and most important... i should able to pay with Paypal.

Any suggestion? Or should i take another Knee Protection?

.... Bullzeye, why is this not in G&E?


ps: I have those and they are good.
I'd also like some recommendations please. looking for pads that are going to stop my knees from getting battered when shooting in for a takedown.

The mats i occasionally train on are thin so want some good protection that stays in place well.

Are the above pads thick enough to absorb impact from shots?
.... Bullzeye, why is this not in G&E?


ps: I have those and they are good.

Who is this Bullzeye?:icon_twis I am el Gordo, master over Fat and chicken wings.

Sorry fozzy, shizzly. But i hope to gain here more experience :(
I have two kinds of knee pads. The ones that you posted are okay, but they didn't solve my problem of hurting my knees when rolling. I decided to get knee pads for volleyball and they work better.

Here is a link. Mine are black, but these are the type that I have. I bought them at a sporting goods store.

GEL Conform Kneepads ZD900 - ASICS Volleyball Kneepads<br>Colors: White and Black

I got volleyball style kneepads for judo and they helped so much, especially on the hard tatami judo mats.
I've been using Cliff Keen Wraptors for past 12 months and they are great. Unfortunately, i do not know of any Paypal site that has them. I ordered mine through CSI and their international shipment was quite expensive.

I recently got Brute Lycra kneepads from and they're nice as well. They don't offer the sam amount of protection but they are really low profile and can double as a knee compression/warmer or whatever.

Alternatively, go to Your local Nike store and get thei dri-fit volleyball kneepads (I think they're called skinny as well). They fit nice, are not cumbersome and offer nice level of protection. Word of advice, they are supectible to tear from friction if used on rugged mats.
thx to all. Do the asics came in a pair or single?

thx to all. Do the asics came in a pair or single?


Mine came in a pair. I just prefer kneepads that have an actual pad. The gel doesn't seem to be enough for me. I just rolled a little while ago and my knee was not feeling good before, but I didn't feel it at all when the pad was on.
thx to all. Do the asics came in a pair or single?


Depends on knee pads. Those super sleeve one come single. I bought them awhile back thinking it was a set and loe and behold. I got box with one pad in it. Did I feellike an idiot.

Just check the site your buying them from and they should say whether its a pair or single.
i found eastbay but they charge crazy 65 $ shipping.

ttt, i am sorry, i need those knee pads :(

anybody knows a place to order (paypal please)