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Knee pads

The Selector

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Jun 8, 2005
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Any suggestions on model, brand or seller would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and be able to send to Australia!!

For BJJ and NHB...
Asics gel wrestling knee pads.

Rotund Grappler said:
Asics gel wrestling knee pads.


Dito! I bought a pair of those pads a couple of months ago and they are the best I've ever tried. I bought mine from http://www.jrwrestling.com and they shipped to Europe from US so i bet they'll ship to Australia as well.

Good customer service and quite quick shipping... Good luck!
Yup...me and most everyone at the gym uses these. AFter a while the gel padding will get destroyed.

It somehow just thins out and moves around so its not equally padded anymore.

You should be able to buy these at a sportinggoods store.