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Jul 5, 2006
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Hey everyone, I tried searching for stuff on this topic but didn't find much. I was wondering, are there any real submissions from knee on belly aside from the armbar where they try to push you off and neck cranks?
Uh yeah!

You can armlock the near arm or the far arm (far arm can be done by either spinning arm lock or, God I wish I knew the judo term for it, where you trap the arm against your neck/head and cup the elbow joint with your hands).

You can do neckcranks, cross collar chokes, the baseball choke (brutal choke), I know a shoulder crank from there off a takedown (one of those turning shoulder locks where you encircle the arm right at the elbow rather than figure fouring the arm)

There's lots you can do there, not to mention that it is a great transitional position as well. How else are you going to go from mount to side control and still keep everything tight?

Of course some guys don't like knee on belly and don't use it, but personally I use knee on belly and side control more than I use mount.
Oh, I meant no-gi by the way, which is why I excluded collar chokes and the like. I know the spinning armbar and straight arm against the elbow on the far arm, how would you armlock the near arm?

For the kimura set-up, I assume you just pin the opposite arm down to the mat and go back to side mount?
If they look to push your far side knee or hip you can cup the tricep, lift, then swing that leg over.
umm lets see... I use Kneebars, armbars, chokes, and kimuras... my favorite is transitioning right into the brabo choke.
baseball choke. i got caught in one twice today!

oops, didnt see the no-gi bit.
baseball choke. i got caught in one twice today!

oops, didnt see the no-gi bit.

you can baseball bat in no-gi...its just a lot harder to do...and turns more into a pain submission.
far armbar near armbar, far arm kimura, waki gatame on the far arm, far kneebar, armtriangle, bolt cutter etc etc.
Not to mention you can gift-wrap and do all kinds of things off that.
lol forget the name, but u can grab his leg pants and a cross collar and pull up with ur knee in their belly as hard as u can, usually causes a tap...and a fart
the darce is one of my personal favorites:

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the darce is very much like a brabo...

yeah, everything except the spelling, :icon_chee.

some people say they are different grips, but the truth is they're the exact same choke, and it has several different grips and set-ups you can use