Knee guards/pads


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Apr 1, 2005
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Hi guys,

I've been looking around for some knee pads/guards for a while, but i haven't been able to find any that are:-

A) Reasonably priced
B) Good quality
C) Available for sale in the UK

I need a good pair as my knees are getting pretty painful at training, could any nice person suggest a brand and or website.

First post so go easy.


p.s i looked at the suggested online mma retailers but the UK ones are pretty limited have the 'Rogue' range. I have the Rogue kneepads and shinguards and they're a bit bulky, but they do the job pretty well. They're also BAMMA approved.
Ahh yeah i did see the "Rogue" range of knee pads but they did seem a bit big, but the viper range on the same site seems a bit too small - know what i mean?

What are they like in terms of delivery?

These ones you have actually seem like the type i'm looking for, big enough to do the job whilst also slim and at a good price too. Not much mention about international shipping though (London, England). and if you go check the European website it's a bit misleading, as in there is nothing there ??? :)


email the US company and see if they will send it out to you. Never hurts to ask :D