King Corn - A Film

Looks like a good movie. Corn rules! lol!
^^I was waiting for someone to say that, lol!
When it said 'what makes the American diet so unique', it should've said 'what makes the American diet so corny'

Anyways, people who don't know about corn will be like 'its just corn, whats he big deal?'.
they just talked about it on smodcast ("naked butz"). it sounds really interesting. they go in to the breeding of yellow corn, the way the government encourages overproduction, the chmical sythesis of byproducts like fuel ethanol, high fructose corn syrup, etc.

i guess there's one part where they go to a convenience store and analyze all the food sold there, and show how like 95% of them have some corn products in them.

i might buy it on itunes, but it's $15, which is pretty steep for a file. i want to get a dvd copy.
I recently "procured" this movie; still sitting on my laptop. Being bored at work, I should probably watch it instead of posting this message.
I saw this in amoeba the other day, looked interesting, maybe I'll go back and pick it up.
Is it downloadable anywhere besides iTunes? I have managed to keep the Devil's Media player off my new PC to date, and I'd hate to finally cave in (Apple is sort of like a heroine dealer, you can try to stay away but you always come crawling back).
Gotta be honest, depends on how 'legal' you want your acquisition to be, brother.
Bah! Legal, I'll just buy the DVD. S+H beats the hell out of having iTunes again.
You guys should pick up a copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma as well.

Agreed. This movie looks like it covers the exact same stuff as The Omnivore's Dilemma. The book probably has more info but the movie will be more accessible for most people. I wonder if these guys were inspired by the book.
I rented this doc and I was pretty disappointed.

I had hoped that it would be a detailed account of the health problems associated with the over consumption of HFCS, and maybe also discuss the financial and political situations behind feeding us this shit. However the filmmakers spent most of their time on their attempt to grow an acre of corn in Iowa. Watching corn grow is not very entertaining.

This film was so slow I could have turned it off at any time. The only reason I finished it was because I had NOTHING to do.