Kimura with ezekiel grip (inside the sleeve)

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Gordinho, Mar 28, 2008.

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    sometimes, i cant get my hands locked, because my opponent is way too large or my position isn't that good. Anyways, is a inside the sleeve grip a common/good way to finish the kimura hold and make a submission?

    Or should i fight for the standard monkey gripped kimura?
  2. sha

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    The only time when I've seen people use that grip on the gi succesfuly is when going from the kimura to the straight armlock (keeping the figure four grip). Otherwise it seems like it wouldn't give you enough leverage, although you can use that grip as a transition to get the "normal" grip.
  3. AussieBJJ

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    Once you're in side control or mount just keep fighting for the kimura grip as much as possible, because i've found once you get that grip on it is very likely that you will get the submission. It's very good once you get the grip in side control you go straight to north south and sit on their head, even if they are very strong and try to get to turtle you can control them with that grip. My favourite is when i have the kimura grip in north south, you give them a little bit of space to try and roll to turtle and as soon as they roll, they roll right into a kimura.
    sorry if i rambled

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