Well, I've been out of the kickboxing buisiness for a little while, about two months. Anyways, three days ago I was talking to this kid about kickboxing, he asked if I could kick him in the head. Hes about 6'1 and Im 5'7, so i threw it and I barely made it, I probably only made it to his eye level. I still impressed him though and maybe I can get him into it. Two days ago I went into a sauna and just stretched, then at night i used bands to stradle wall stretch. Yesterday I threw my high kick w/o stretching and it went up to +6'4. Is this just my body getting back to what its used to, or am I just stretching in a super effective way? in other word, If I hadnt have stretched my legs alot before in my life, would I have the same results?
It is both, practicing something that you used to do will allow you to do it again, plus stretching is always good anyway.