It would depend on what you planned to do with them. I guess they would be OK for swings, turkish getups, windmills, and bent presses. I am not sure they would be best for snatches. I have not tried these types of kettlebells so I can only speculate. Not to mention- how would it hold up if it were dropped? There are some kettlebell lifters that like to play "flip and catch" with thier KBs. I don't find it necessary. I would just get a solid kettlebell. That thing costs about $55.00. After you bought all of the plates you needed to make the desired weight, you could have affordrded a solid kettlebell.

That's just me- my man. That product still has it's uses.
Thanks for the input. I'm told they're alright for snatches, but you never know until you use them.
What appeals to me about them is that they would be considerably cheaper than buying 2, 3, or 4 bells.
Anyone else?
It's pretty weak that they don't come with the weights. You can make something like that for much less. I know that the fighttraining site has an idea for one.
I have homemade ones that my friend made off of a website but I cant find the link but I will look for it.
Hmm.. I would be concerned about dropping them as well. I don't do much "kettlebell juggling" but I do drop my KBs about once every other session. Late in the session when you're completely spent and tryin to do one more windmill, it's hard to keep that thing from falling.. But I think dropping them is fine as long as you get out of the way..
I've used these... and all I could think was "this is going to snap and I'm going to die."

Low weight, low motion = fine.
I have one.I have been using it for 6 months and have had no problems with it.
Yeah.It stays together.You might have to readjust the weights or use the alan wrench to tighten it alittle,but all in all I am quite satisfied with my purchase.I've gained about 10 lbs of muscle using kettlebell training.