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Oct 5, 2005
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Hello all, I have a few question about ketosis I would like some opinions on.

- Does ketosis cause catabolism. If so, how so if protein levels are so high?

- Which sources of protein are the best? From what I understand if you consume too much protien your body will convert it to glycogon and you wil burn it for energy instead of ketons. So ideally you would like a protein source that is fatty. if this is the case, what is the best source of protein to stop this from happening?

- How many carbs will knock you out of ketosis?

- Does anyone know where to find any detailed diet plans online? (or any other good resources for that matter)

- Does working out before breakfast have any advantages (like extra fat burning capabilities) while in ketosis?

- will supplmenting glutamine knowck you out of ketosis?

- In general what are the pros and cons of using ketosis as a weight loss mechanism
I am sure it causes some catabolism, but since you are eating mostly protein and fats, I doubt it will be much.

It depends who you listen to as to what is the best type of protein. Atkins folks suggest high fat proteins, while others suggest lean meats.

The amount of carbs that will put you in or take you out of ketosis is based on a number of factors. Atkins says to limit the amount of carbs to 20g/day. This will get you in ketosis in about 3-4 days. You can buy ketosis strips from any pharmacy to test if you are in ketosis or not.

You don't really need a diet plan. Just goto and find their list of induction foods. Eat only foods on the list and do not go over 20 carbs a day. Your carbs should come from green leafy sources.

Pros: The weight comes off fast and it does work
Cons: You lose a lot of water weight, you have potential to gain your weight back, the diet is very restricting, you get ketosis breath, you may feel weak or dizzy the first few days, it is still not known whether or not high fat/high protein is harmful long term, etc...
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