Keeping your height

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Jan 3, 2007
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I've often heard that when a fighter has a significant height advantage over their opponent they should, "keep their height". Does this mean standing up straighter and less bent over? Do you hold your arms down more to protect your sides and just try to keep your head out of reach of your opponent? Could anyone explain what this means exactly?
I get this all the time from my boxing coach, as im 6 foot 7 with my shoes on hes often telling me to stand up straight, if your arms are in proportion to your body you should be able to keep your guard, protect your body and stand up straight keeping your height. Why would you bend down to your opponents size if you have a height advantage? Just makes it easier for him to hit you.
Just dont pull your head back away from strikes like ali. Or someones gonna twist your chin back.
It usually means using your reach. If your 6'7 and your opponent is 5'9 you are going to have much longer arms then him so you should use that extra reach to keep at your distance.