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Aug 6, 2012
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I just saw an interview with Dana White, stating that there's "No way in hell they're firing Leonard Garcia". I can't believe this. Even with Dan Hardy's four fight win streak, two of those losses came to GSP and Carlos Condit, he was outwrestled by a HUGE Rumble, and then lost to Lytle. I think he deserved one more shot at the lower level of UFC competition.

Garcia, however, really doesn't. If you count his first fight with Phan as a loss (as most everyone knows it should have been), he's ONE AND SEVEN in the UFC. And not against the top level of competition. I'm all up for the UFC giving exciting fighters an extra chance at the bottom of undercards if they go on a bit of a losing streak, but I find this ridiculous. Has there ever been another fighter given this many chances?
he brings the attention of casual fans and shit... he shouldnt be fired
Just goes to show you that all you have to do is yell while swinging at the air and you have job security in the UFC
He has a good chin that can take a lot of punishment. Lot of people that watch for just for the KOs enjoy that sorta thing. Plus when was the last time you saw some put in a twister.
He's 0-11 in last 11 fights all under Zuffa. I'm all for the exciting brawlers who might not be world beaters but put on a show. This is different though, Garcia is so unskilled it's frightening, if he didnt have an iron jaw then he'd have fun KOd 6 times in his last 10 fights.
Regardless, Garcias days are numbered. Hes 33 and just has not evolved. His next loss I can see him getting his walking papers.
Yeah, I think Hardy and Steve Cantwell are the only other ones to have 4 continuous losses in the UFC without getting cut. I don't know about Cantwell, but at least with Hardy he had a four fight win streak prior to those losses and had an even UFC record total.

Garcia on the other hand has a 2-6 record overall in the UFC and a 6-9-1 record within Zuffa if you include WEC appearances.

I don't know. I will say he is exciting and perhaps that warrants some leniency in the decision of whether or not to let him go, but at a certain point results have to count for something.
he is an exciting fighter but he needs to clean up his technique
Exciting fighter, but that's not going to ensure his job safety forever. If he keeps losing, he will eventually get cut.
He's also a good way for the UFC to connect with the elusive Mexican and Mexican-American fanbases.
It was great karma and irony that he actually won his last fight against hollway but lost the split D... Karma is a bitch, the dude should be winless in zuffa after so many robbery wins and I can't believe dana isn't gonna cut him when they cut so many other fighters with vastly superior technique and are equally exciting... Its sad, imo.

(and he's not that exciting - assuming you call sloppy brawling fotn material -, he's got great heart and grit, but go watch any amateur mma event you'll see fights like his on every card if that's what you call a great fight...!!!!)
1) it was a close fight
2) he doesnt get paid much
3) he's mexican
4) seems like a very loyal company man who is flexible
I get wanting to keep exciting fighters, but this comes after Dana recently stating he would like to cut boring fighters even if they win.

Is Dana looking for the best in the sport or just the most exciting, because if he just wants to most exciting he can go to some local bar and pay a couple of drunks to square off in the octagon and let Bellator help us find the best in the sport.
They never got rid of Hardy and he is on a 2 fight win streak. Why was this thread created?

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