Katsidis v Casamayor


Jan 3, 2007
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Im a big fan of Katsidis because he just leaves it all in the ring and is a fellow aussie, However i dont much about casamayor, Is he a big threat 2 rocky is what i wanna know?
I'd say he's a threat, he has loads of experience and has fought some tough, tough fighters. He may be on the downward turn of his career now, but he has enough knowhow and talent to make things very difficult. Katsidis's defence isn't great and he cuts, Casamayor could well take advantage of this. However I hope Katsidis wins, and think he will.
I'm looking forward to watching it. Andrade vs. Steiglitz might be interesting too.
I'm also a fellow aussie and am certainly rooting for Katsidis. Casamayor is a very good fighter however and i've got to think he'd put in a better perfomance than his last outing against Santa-Cruz. But i think and hope Katsidis will win this. He has the punching power and output to trouble Casamayor and i think he wins by TKO or decision.
anyone wathcing the Andrade fight right now? I don't see a thread from Bostonmma on Casamayor-Katsidis..?
Lewis= captain obvious..lol

"that looks like a spartain outfit" lol... he's worse than George Foreman ever was..lol..or roy jones.

They should have kept kevin kelly. He was a good commentary guy.
I dont know Katsidis very well.. but the little footage I've seen leads me to believe Casa is going to win this one..though it should be entertaining
Things already not looking good for Katsidis