KAKUTO buyings and assorted toy reviews ;)


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Mar 23, 2004
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Well, some of you know I'm a hardcore toy collector. I started with WWE figures and got bored of them when my interest in wrestling waned, and I still buy the odd one if it's particularly good. However, I recently decided it was time to convert my collection over to MMA, despite the fact that the average PRIDE figure costs five times what I pay for teh average WWE figure... That is a bit of a bummer, but when you actually get a likeness of your favourite fighter(s) in your hands, it's amazing.

Those of you who think this insane desire to collect toys linked to my favourite sport is too sad to take, leave the thread now. It;s about to get 'sadder' as I give you reviews of my collection thus far. :D

Firstly, I want to advise KAKUTO to you all. I bought from them for the first time, and had excellent customer service. I paid by paypal and somehow managed to screw it up with a link back to KAKUTO that I failed to click and it meant they lost the details of my order. A guy there called Roland e-mailed me to ask me exactly what my order was. This impressed me because some sites and some sellers out there would have been happy just to accept the money and either deny they received it or make up some bullshit excuse about it being your own fault. Roland was really helpful and e-mailed me a number of times to confirm my address and to send me the EMS number so I could track the parcel.
Another thing which impressed me, when the parcel arrived, on the Customs note, he'd written "used toy". It sounds trivial, maybe even sounds liek he made a mistake, but the truth of this is that UK Customs are absolute wankers and will charge you excise on just about anything. A friend bought a hoody from the iceman.tv site and had to pay
PRIDE figures

The man himself! Gotta love this figure. Great head sculp, amazing likeness. The shorts are very detailed with the Chute Boxe and Wand logos front and back. His tatoo is painted well onto the back of his head. He comes with the Middleweight Belt. His arms have articulation at the elbow, unlike other figures in this series, to allow him to interlock his fingers in that iconic stance. Love this one. More on him later...


The monster, Kevin Randleman sports a great facial likeness and even his tatoos are painted on his shoulders. You might think it sound retarded to mention that, but some companies *cough*Jakks Pacific*cough* sometimes skip details like that on the back of a figure whether it's his tatoos or his ring attire and I'm not sure whether it's to conserve paint or whether they're just not very observant. Very nice figure, good body sculpt and the thighs are really huge, so a good job there too. I like the fighting stance they chose.


I don't really like this figure at all, but he came as part of a deal I made with a guy called WOKO over at wrestlingfigs.com, he came with Wanderlei and Randleman, who I didn't get from KAKUTO. The attire is very detailed, he comes with a removable hat and they went to great lengths to get the hair sculpt right, but I just don't like it because it's not in fighting stance or attire and just seems to lack general purpose. I'll probably swap his hands with Wanderlei's so the Axe Murderer can have fists.

Great figure. This one, I did order straight from KAKUTO, hence I actually saw what these guys look like when boxed. The packaging is nice, but it seems HAO don't have a website... Dunno whether that's because I can't read Japanese or whether they actually don't have one. The T-Shirt is pretty detailed and even the support/bandages around his ankles and knees are well done. The facial likeness is pretty good, and the detail goes so far as to have actually moulded his trademark cauliflower ears! Pretty darn cool.

Check these...


Remember this?


Why hasn't this happened yet?!


4th time lucky?

Wanderlei looks ready for this!


And so does Sakuraba!

Round One! Fight!


Silva catches Sakuraba with a brutal uppercut in the first seconds of the round!


Sakuraba's down on his back, but he's quick to pull guard!


He quickly works to single out an arm...

...and gets the armbar on Silva!


Silva rolls into it and pushes Sakuraba over, taking side mount!


Wanderlei singles out Sakuraba's arm and starts working for an armlock...


Kazushi makes space and manages to roll out, taking side control over Wanderlei, who still maintains a tight hold of Sakuraba's arm!


Sakuraba works his arm free and reaches his leg over, gaining mount position!

Wanderlei wants no part of this, making space quickly and breaking free!


The Champion is first to his feet!


The Gracie Hunter shoots in for the takedown...


...but Silva catches his square on the jaw with a soccer kick! And that's all she wrote!


STILL Middleweight Champion of the wooooooooooooooorld - WANDERLEI SILVA!

HAHA. I love these figures and hope to have more soon. Might take some more pics later on. Gonna rummage around and try to find my old WWE ring to stand them in!
Hope everyone enjoyed my reviews of these amazing pieces, hopefully more to come soon! Thanks to WOKO, KAKUTO and imageshack.us

best fuckin post ever!

booya! very impressed!

Very amusing pictures!!

I had no idea anyone made MMA figures. I have to get the Wandy!
best post eva. Ever though of writing an MMA comic :D
That was some pretty funny shit. My Mirko and Fedor figures are in storage; I would like to see that fight as well! I have a bunch of the figures but I ordered them from the Pride website and e-bay. I will definitely look into kakuto though, thanks.
That was some pretty funny shit. My Mirko and Fedor figures are in storage; I would like to see that fight as well! I have a bunch of the figures but I ordered them from the Pride website and e-bay. I will definitely look into kakuto though, thanks.
Dolorem666 thanks so much for the review. I love those photos. Looking forward to the next match. I think a Fedor/Mirko recreation should be next.
Wow, i didn't know that the arms could move that way
That. Was. An amazing match.


Hat's off....now..get the Mirko and Fedor figures and have a rematch!