Justin "The Light Heavyweight Mayweather" Jones


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Feb 27, 2007
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His name was probably brought up in March of last year but I wasnt a member so I'm sorry if this is a re-post.

Floyed Sr. and Floyed Jr. have a new son/brother/babys mamma trama or what have you. He's only 20 years old and is a amature boxing at junior middle and Sr. has been working with him. Theres no more junior middle,only middle(165lbs.)and welter(152lbs.). Here are my questions;

1)What weight does he fight at 152 or 165? and what do you think he walks around at?

2)Whats his build? height? reach? etc.

3)Hes been called an AMATURE STAND OUT. Are we talking olympic hopeful,national champion, 20fights, 50fights, north of 100fights? Whats his record? Did he turn pro yet?

4)Style wise is he Mayweather fast? Puncher? Slickster? Ortho? Southpaw? etc.

5)At 20 and assuming 155-170lbs. what will he fill out at? Whats his natural weight class? Are we talking about a Light HW money may? Cruiser? HW maybe?

6)What kind of a kid is he? Super getto like Roger? Entertaining wisdom rapper like Sr? Make it rain on them hoes asshole like Jr? Laid back runt of the litter like Jeff?

7)Has he had any media attention yet? Why hasnt he been talked about on 24/7?

8)Do you guys think hes the next generation like Cory or I'm not my pops like Marvis Frazier?
I seen him boxing last year in the Michigan Golden Gloves. He is a good athlete but a little wet behind the ears. I believe he began boxing last year because he was fighting in the novice divison at 152. The news about being a Mayweather came out about halfway through the tournament and he got a lot of press. To have began boxing about a year or so ago he has potential and working with Floyd Sr., Justin will only get better. He did win the tournament his first year out, but he is not the next PBF.

Here is a photo of Justin:

For some reason... Justin reminds me of a young, skinny version of Matthew Saad Muhammed.
For some reason... Justin reminds me of a young, skinny version of Matthew Saad Muhammed.

so your saying hes good enough to get stopped by Dwight Muhammad Qawi? I'm kidding, so his about 5' 11'', 6 feet and will fill out to about 160-175? How many fights does he have?