Just moved to Macon Ga and....


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Jan 12, 2006
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I'm looking for a place to train. As far as i know, Mercer has an Aikido club but i'm looking for a grappling- or mma- oriented club or group... I'd also be willing to pay for judo or bjj .... Anybody in the Middle Georgia Area that can help me out?
Yes, i checked the directory that is stickied, and they only have 2 gyms, bith about 2 hrs away
i've tried sending an email to the adress i have for them, but no luck... not sure if it's cause i said i'm a fat guy or what...
pm blake bowman for directions to praxis, it should be your best choice for location
alliance atlanta is 2 hours from you.
forrest griffin in athens is 1.75 hours
there is a place in americus that is bjj also
Lugaldamhara = Cam = my trainer @ Praxis.

Forrest is no longer in Athens....Cobra Kai now.

I'm responding to your PM dude.