Just had 1st MMA fight (update)


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Jul 2, 2005
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Hey guys. Some of you might remember me posting that I'm fighting a TKD guy August 27 (yesterday). Well I won the fight! :D 1st round KO.

First let me say, damn those leg kicks really hurt! Took your guys' advice & circled alot. In the middle of the round I caught him with a straight left. It didnt put him down but it got him off guard & he ended up with his back to the fence. From there I threw a jab, cross then a left hook to the body. And before I could put the GnP on him the ref stopped it.

So to all the guys who posted on my first thread thanks.
Congratulations man, glad the circling and hand-combinations did it for you. And yes, pics are a MUST.
Good job! Very excited for you. The bottomline is that you obviously spent a lot of time working on your gameplan and analyzing his strenghts and trying to devise an answer.

This alone I would attribute your win to. He probably just went out there thinking he would just "do his thing".
Awesome. That jab/cross/hook to body combo is a wonderful thing.
Congrats. Out of curiousity, where was your fight? Because we had an event Saturday night, and there were (if memory serves) two TKD stylists fighting in it.
is it just me or is he hiding from us so he doesnt hav to show his "pics" -_- lol