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Just got schooled the other night


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Feb 11, 2004
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Ive rolled the first time in my life with a black belt but not one, no two. I thought the gap between me and my trainer, whos a brown belt,was insanely big. Anyway one of those black belts was the bjj trainer of alistair overeem and the other one was the head coach of GB Belo Horizonte. I think i got tested for the blue belt but i failed. It was still probably the best training session in my short BJJ career
From what I know Alistair trains BJJ at the gym of Martijn de Jong, so did you roll with him? Or was it someone else and does Alistair have another BJJ trainer as I thought?

Must be a great experience though, I haven't had the privilage yet. I hope to go train at Martijn de Jong's gym soon, so I hope to get to roll with him, Alistair, maybe Gilbert (Yvel) and get my ass kicked :D
No it was a brazilian guy. I just remember his first name, Igor. He was huge though but still didn't use much power. Very skilled guy, great spirit and nice guy in general. There was a big language border because i speak just little portugese and they speak not much english and no german.
Don't worry about it man, just keep working.
You're lucky you got that experience, it will help you mature more
There are 2 blackbelts at my gym. I've wrestled with one of them a few times. He rolls with me maybe bi monthly to see for himself how my progress is. I love how they always encourage you and say how you're getting better after they tap you 10 times in a row.
So you've rolled with Draculino, what do you expect?
sakufan said:
So you've rolled with Draculino, what do you expect?
Im sorry for my poor knowledge. I thought Caveirina was the headcoach of Belo Horizonte but i was wrong. That evening inspired me most in the past year with the insane performance of Marcelo Garcia of course.
Hey, if it's any consolation, you definatly learn more from your losses.
that sounds like a great opportunity. youre exactly right about the difference between black and brown belts vs. beginners. its like night and day - they feel so tight with their movement and everything is grindingly crisp. hope youlearned tons from it as those experiences will laways make you better