Junior dos Santos Appreciation Thread

Winston Wolf

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Apr 11, 2012
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Best chin in the division. Tremendous heart. Still great takedown defense. Still classy. Called out the shitty crowd.

War CIGANO - 2013 UFC HW Champion.
He will be the champion in no time. Before the end of 2013.
Will always support him in victory and defeat, great fighter and always an inspiration, both in and out of the cage.
Love both guys in and out of the cage. Looking forward to a 3rd. Junior's next opponent better invest in a coffin
WAR Cigano!

Showed a lot of toughness.
He is still young. I think he needs some rest now, the guy has been through the toughest competition in ufc history.
Now he's in the overrated club, with Erick Silva and Paul Harris. And in the unidimensional club too.

Sad, but that's the internet.
I hope he gets his belt back, I like Cain but I can't stand his fans (not sherdog but real life)
never stopped trying to win. everyone could learn from that guy.
I've never really cared for JDS, but he showed a lot of heart and sportsmanship tonight. I have to respect him.
He is an amazing fighter i will always support him, never been more of a fan than i am right now, amazing heart, chin, determination just everything.
War Cigano.

But I'm pretty sure Cain is a hefty roadbump.

Wish they'd create an intercontinental belt like WWF so they could both have one.
No fickle fan here. He got destroyed but showed an incredible chin and heart to survive. He will be back up the latter soon.

JDS will learn from this. His cardio has to improve and he now knows it.
Yup, sad as hell, but still a fan.

Back to the drawing board
Been predicting a LOOONG rivarly between these two.

Cigano-Cain I
Cain-Cigano II
... with...
... yet to come.
When Overeem takes the belt maybe they can have a 3rd fight for a title shot.
Hopefully he learns from this. I'm sure he will.