Jump spinning back kick KO vid clip

ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! wat a beauty!! thats a nice kick
a beauty by anyone's standards. great vid, man.
hehehe yea i got this clip on my comp....it rox

I think that particualr fight is from a San Shou vs Mu thai Challange.....but not 100% sure
That was a well placed kick, but damn man keep your hands up :p
Yep did you see how low his hands were.But what the fuck was he coming in with like a jumping front foot stomp.....lol
Jumping back kick was one of my favorite tools in the toolbox, especially as it's best deployed in situations where your opponent thinks he's gaining control of the fight. Useful at close and medium range, great for creating distance, jamming an attack, and making your opponent sorry he decided to close with you.
Dude. Thanks for that link. Just too cool.

That was even sweeter than the Crow's kick. Heck as sweet at Benny the Jet's KOs.

You're going to see more and more KOs in MMA with that sort of stuff. We're going to see all sorts of cool stuff. Hopefully we'll see cool and creative subs make a comeback as well.

Typically a jump spin is much safer to throw at the body, but that guy was extremely sharp and fast.

Very nasty.