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May 30, 2006
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I really don't know how to find the following info:

How many BJJ practitioners in all the world?

Brazil? North America? Europe?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Less than soccer

More than curling.

I'm sure there is a way to calculate it within a certain range. I would be interested in knowing.
There are a lot of fucking curlers in Canada.

I was thinking world wide. :icon_chee Sweeping that ice perfectly is a work of art! The curlers used to practice before my hockey practice. Shuffleboard on ice. Looked pretty fun.
In Nova Scotia there are 5 bjj clubs and 35 curling clubs.

It's not just old people.
Curling is iN THE OLYMPICS, BJJ is not
I only know the UK: I'm aware of roughly 100 places to train BJJ in this country (which includes some clubs with multiple locations), going by the map (last club I entered on Google Maps came up as Placemarker 100).

Not sure how many people that would work out at, as it would be difficult to estimate. The biggest clubs, like RGA, have about 300 members (though I'd assume out of that, the number of people regularly training is a fair bit lower). The smallest clubs might only have 10 or less.