Juggernaut Nihilism



I am placing a nominate for Jug as newest Mod to our Off-Topic family!
i will join you in your quest i guess! u have my vote! you should make this a poll vod!
YEAH. DAMMIT. If only I wasn't so lazy. I'd recreate this and make it a poll. I wonder if I could edit in a poll.
you guys are like girls...
You're canadian and therefore your opinions are as worthless as your money.
I hear ya jugg... Im feeling good about this year! I think we have a good team and a good chance. I allready bet 50 bucks saying that the sox are going to make it farter then the yanks this year!
Hey vod, just start a new one and title it "New Mod?" so more people look at it! And post at the end of this one....closed... go to new mod!
until jake or someone gets rid of it!
kraut?? WTF are you talking about?? :rolleyes:
I think we all should vote for Squezze as the new mod. He's a fair and just fella. So what if he dresses like Herb Tarlek? I for one am voting for this Squezze fella. :D
This thread is closed! I don't have the MOD powers to do so but just don't post here. Goto 'NEW MOD?'
Noone, I created a new one with a poll on it and then said it was closed so that people would post on that one instead of this one...Go post on that one instead of this one...
oh, i get it...post on the other one...not here