Judo Injury. Need help!


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Jun 5, 2007
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the other day while training, we did a few judo drills. the instructor then had us to some sparring. I believe it was 1 x 3 minute round (We also train BJJ in the same day, so we usually take less time on Judo). 10 seconds before my round is over, the guy I was sparring with hip tosses me straight to the mat. I landed head first, shoulder second. My head hurt for a little bit, but I dislocated my shoulder. They got my should realigned, but I was wondering how long does it usually take the swelling to go down completely? I'm eager to get back to training. It's less swollen than it was, and alot less painful, but I was just wanting to know if there was anyway to speed up recovery, and how to prevent an injury like this in the future.
Ice it and go see a doctor ASAP. Just because you had the shoulder realigned doesn't necessarily mean it'd heal by itself. You might have broken some bone or ripped tendon/cartilage without realizing it. At least get the shoulder x-ray'ed, I personally would insist on getting an MRI. It could be that there's nothing wrong with your shoulder now and it could heal with just icing and resting, but play it safe and save yourself from shitloads of trouble by getting an MRI of it. Resisit the urge to hit the mats until you've had it diagnosed.
x3... if you don't have insurance, get an x-ray and an ultra-sound.

A friend of my dislocated his shoulder and when he realigned it he pinched a tendant or nerve or something in between the bones, it could have caused some serious damage if it wasn't caught by the first aid guys as quickly as it was.

He was also in extreme pain, which you are not, but things can happen.
In case you didn't get it the first 4 times



Don't let your pride get in the way of stopping you from doing Judo for the rest of your life, better to take time off now.
People heal differently. Since we don't know your age, fitness level, diet, and any number of other factors any healing time would be really vague. Even then, it's awfully hard to guess how bad you're hurt over the internet.

So go see a doctor X6
Dude iam going through the same thing right now . is it a dislocated shoulder or a seperated shoulder ??

can you feel the collar bone sticking up ?? cuz thats a seperated shoulder you have to see a doctor asap, you cant do judo or anything if you seperated your shoulder what you did is tear a major legament and it takes months to heal and you need rehab to get it back to normal .

i did mine at a tournament feb 16th i got thrown and landed on my shoulder hearda crunch had to get x rays i have been going to rehab and stuff for about 3 weeks and it has helped a lot .

i was smart i iced it immediatly for the first week and ahalf 30 mins at about 8 times a day , work on range of motion by lifting your arm with your other arm . and you should have a sling on to keep the pressure off your collor bone to prevent deformaty .
I spiked my shoulder also in Jujitsu training twice. I had an MRI done. Tore muscle . A light stinger to the other shoulder 6 months later. First one took 3 months to get back to 80% on it and the other at least 2 months. They don't heal quick. Yeah I'm old. LOL.. Good luck and sorry to hear about your misfortune GaBJJ
if its a dislocated shoulder you have to also take time off to heal the socket joint cuz if your doing judo/bjj your push pulling a lot and one pull in the wrong direction will fuck up your shoulder more , think of your shoulder like a g i joe the arm pops out the socket you put it back on the arm is looser and the arm pops out more easily and cant pose anymore cus the arm part the socket hooks on to is stretched . not good .
but if you insist on not going to the doctor heres my advice i work in a physiotherapy department so i have been told/picked up on stuff for injurys .

but i will stress to you please go see a doctor for the sake of missing a month of training compared to the rest of your life is alot better , i dont think the guys at your club will think your a pussy if anything they prob have told you to rest.

ok this is what i have done since my injury .

i have tooken off a month and counting .

the r.i.c.e. method


ibprofun is your friend also is rest go to bed at 10 and try to take as many days off from work you can , try to get a nap in the afternoon sleep is your friend .

eat lots of red meat and dairy it has stuff in it to help you .

when your arm feels better or you less pain lie down to take the pressure off your arm and start moving it if you feel pain only go to the point where you feel pain . range of motion stops stiff arm and helps with recovery.

after about a week of icing if it starts feeling better and you have no pain start using heat then move your arm around start doing wall push ups and general range of motion excersies no lifting just moving your arm around if it gets sore ice after wards .

just remember its better to see a doctor especially if its a seperated shoulder .

sorry if i posted alot but iam going through the same thing , just please go see a doctor .
This is Judo, tape it up and get your ass back to Uchikomi.
This is Judo, tape it up and get your ass back to Uchikomi.

I did that - took pain killers and kept training and competing for over half a year with a shoulder I had dislocated in the beginning of the season without even getting it diagnosed. Ended up with almost separated shoulder, surgery, months of rehab and almost a year off of competition. I underestand you wrote that half-jokingly, but just wanted to make sure that the TS won't get any funny ideas since shoulder injuries really suck.
Educated Fool indeed.

Go to the doc, do as he tells you to. You save alot of money, time, and pain down the road.
Seriously, get to a doctor, let it heal up, and work some PT on it.

We had a guy a couple years ago separate his shoulder. He went to the doctor, stayed out for a bit, then came back one day. He admitted he hadn't gone to any rehab/pt for it, and what do you know? He separated it AGAIN that very same day he came back.

I now require a doctor's clearance for these kids to come back and train, if they've had to go to the hospital or sit out to let an injury heal (I'm not talking a sprained ankle). It is just common sense that you need to rebuild strength and joints before getting back into action. I know it sucks being out, but you've got to think more long term.
My whole reason for not going to the doctor is mainly because I am very recently unemployed, have no insurance or money. I can move my arm a whole lot more now than I could before, there is a lot less pain. There's nothing poking out anywhere, just swollen muscle.
you could have an ac joint injury theres different grades do you have trouble putting your arms over your head or putting your straight out ??