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Judo: 2008 U.S. Senior National Championship final

My coach and another teammate are fighting in the masters division tomarrow.

The woman on my team fought today, she drew the first seed in her division. She fought hard and well, but lost in the end. Not bad for a green belt with 2 years of trainning being able to compete in nationals.

I had the privledge of seeing the St. Ledger brothers fight in a local tourney last year. They were both in the same weight class and ended up having to fight each other. One took the dive, the other took first. Those guys are unstoppable.
One of my coaches and 3 members of my club went. Glad to see this up here, our other coaches told us to watch it.
I'm on my way to go watch it live now. So cool to have it less than an hour away. Hate me!