Josh Hill + Nick Newelll.

Dmitry Kalikhman

May 30, 2008
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I think these guys deserve a shot in the UFC.

I know josh "the gentlemen" hill is a 135 pound fighter 9-0 with really solid wins, and nick newell should get a shot despite having only one entire arm.

I think these are prospects to watch out for. I have not met either of them or rolled, but I think Newell seems like he wants it pretty bad from the posts that he had online/interviews/media.

Out of the two Id want to see how Josh would do considering his mma record, and newell to be given a chance to fight in the UFC considering he is beating more solid comp.

Maybe facebook prelims? If the ufc decides.
Honestly i think the UFC should "invest" in Newell, with them being all about that cash money, they could really profit about Nick's life story.

And imo i would love to see him in the UFC
I'm dubious. I thionk he deserves a shot in TUF.
I think Nick Newel should get a spot in a TUF house, let him earn his way like everyone else
Rick Glenn and Andre Fili too.

I know Zuffa read these can a company so wealthy have a shitty/overworked talent relations team?!

I'm dubious. I thionk he deserves a shot in TUF.

I assume you're talking about Newell? He did in 2011. He got through everything but the interview i believe - he subbed a guy with an omoplata to get through.
To be real, Newell would get murdered in the UFC.
Josh Hill is a monster and could beat a ton of guys in the UFC at 135.

Newell is very interesting. Don't see him possibly being champion, and nobody wants to see the guy with 1 arm get brutally KO'ed. Really not sure who he can beat in the UFC at 155 either.
I'd rather not see someone missing limbs in the UFC. No trying to discriminate or anything.
To be real, Newell would get murdered in the UFC.

You dont think he should at least be given an opportunity? He has 8 first round finishes and he's last one against Reynolds was about 1 minute. Around 10 times faster than Alvarez or Masvidal took against Reynolds.

Im not saying he would be elite but he's skilled and entertaining, he would beat the likes of Couture, Stout, Taylor.
Few fighters deserve the opportunity to be in the UFC more than Josh Hill. I'd want to see Newell in just because it's a great story. I think him in the TUF house would be great.
Yeah I was leaning more towards josh hill because he has a really nice record and I know the guys he beat are pretty damn good. Josh fraser, diego wilson are really really solid wins and all of his opponents having good records themselves.

Nick newell just probably has to keep fighting and build up more solid wins, eventually if he keeps fighting and winning they would have to look at him more.
Newells a beast. One arm or not the dude has talent
The thing with Newelll is that its a double edged sword.

Yeah, if they brought him in they can play him his story and it would be a nice moment for everyone.

But if he gets knocked the fuck out, the media will be all over how animalistic the UFC is for letting a cripple fight.
I wanna see Nick Newell in the UFC because he is a great fighter, not because he has only 1 arm. Who knows how he will do against UFC competition. If Dana is too much of a pussy for this (never thought anyone or myself would really say that) than maybe Bellator will get him.

And then he beasts people up in Bellator, making it so that the UFC wants him but then contract disputes come up and everything goes fucking nuts like right now with Eddie.

But seriously he did beat a guy with a RNC in less than 2 minutes which took Eddie Alvarez and Jorge Masvidal more than 10+ to do the same choke on the same guy so who knows, maybe he is ready for top guys?
Josh Hill is more than good enough to be in the UFC's 135's. UFC often makes no sense. The length of time it took them to sign Mein and now Hill. Mein and Hill were/are the two best Canadians not in the UFC for quite some time now. We'll probably see Michael Hill on a UFC card before Josh Hill, and that's just retarded.
NIck would do just fine in the UFC. Every fight he looks better and better.
I agree. Newell definitely has a point in his recent statement about equal opportunity. Also, (and I don't mean to say this to be disrespectful to Newell) but imagine how great he could be if he had two arms. My point here is that Dana White should consider his work ethic, which in the long run, is what really matters to compliment natural talent. Josh Hill is obviously a promising prospect as well, but I'm betting that we'll see him on TUF Canada, which is supposed to take place late this year or early next year, from what I've heard.
I agree. They both should get a chance.

I'd like to see Will Brooks in the UFC eventually. He looked good in his last fight in Dream against Kitaoka and seems to have a lot of potential.

I assume you're talking about Newell? He did in 2011. He got through everything but the interview i believe - he subbed a guy with an omoplata to get through.[/QUOTE]

I never knew. Omoplata no less huh? Where can I read?
The media would jump all over the "one armed freakshow death fight" angle and when that kid gets knocked out it would be more than just whiny ass Sherdoggers calling Dana the great Satan
Zuffa doesnt need the headache